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Given the direction iPadOS is headed, I am happily living life with the iPad as my primary desktop computing device.

With that said, I appreciate the flexibility of platform websites and their accompanying apps optimised to work well on the iPad. The Squarespace platform on which Chambyte was hosted has an excellent app to manage blog content and publishing, to a certain level. Still, accessing the website on desktop-class Safari on the iPad has never been fully optimised – the CMS was unusable for me. I didn’t particularly appreciate being restricted to just using the app to edit and publish.

The more extensive the range to which I can access the site and perform the tasks they’re built for, the better. Due to the limitations, I have switched the hosting platform to WordPress, which allows access from multiple outlets1 to manage and publish content amongst other advantages. I enjoy having this level of flexibility.

Thanks to all that have subscribed to the previous RSS feed. If it’s not too much trouble, please subscribe to the new feed here:

Please do let me know of any abnormalities with the site as I continue to make refinements on performance and accessibility – working on Dark Mode option.

Your continued support is appreciated.

  1. The WordPress iOS apps, Safari on iOS, writing and text editors like iAWriter, Ulysses. ↩︎

Chambyte Social

Welcome, to Chambyte.

I started Chambyte back in 2012/13 intending to document my experiences using Apple tech since I spend a great deal of time geeking out on Twitter about Apple in general. Due to time constraints and other commitments blogging fizzled out of my daily routine and in late 2014 updates ceased and eventually I closed the site. The desire to blog never left and I can’t let lack of time be a reason not to, any more.

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t have to commit to a stern posting strategy, but rather take time to collect my thoughts and deliver an articulate write-up expressing my experiences and understanding – this may also be in the form of commentary posts – which I’m hoping will generate a healthy educative discussion around subjects regarding Apple and its technologies. I’m open to learning and gaining different perspectives on any particular topic regarding Apple, so please do get in touch with your commentary. The better the understanding, the better the respect we place on the technology in our hands.

I recently rebuilt my ecosystem of Apple devices. I switched over from a few third-party services permanently to Apple services, and that ignited the desire to start Chambyte again to document my experiences but with a different approach; to post as and when I can rather than adhering to an expected unrealistic schedule. Granted, I have no academic, technological background, so what you’ll read here will be based on pure, raw experiences from an average end-user consumer, and I hope you follow along.

Welcome, to Chambyte 2.0.