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Automating Siri Loudness on the HomePod

Following Apple’s suspension of Siri data analysis by contractors and introducing changes to Siri Data Protection, I opted in to help Siri improve by learning from the audio sample requests.

I would’ve turned off the Listen for “Hey Siri” setting on the HomePod otherwise due to the crazy amount of accidental wake up triggers whenever Siri thinks it heard anything relatively close to the “Hey Siri” command. The response loudness can be quite startling and disturbs the peace, especially at night if the HomePod was left on a loud volume before entering a Paused state.

The only accessory I currently have in the Home app is the HomePod. Once set up, I created an Automation for ‘When Anyone Leaves Home’ which uses the iPhones geolocation capabilities to detect when away from home and puts the HomePod into a Paused Audio state. I never gave the Home app much attention after that initial setup apart from launching it to update the HomePods software. Thus, I never thoroughly familiarised myself with all the Automation options it offered; one of which is a way to set a Time of Day volume control that automatically reduces the HomePods volume, which also reduces how loud Siri responds.

HomePod on the Home App
Automation on the Home App

Matthew Cassinelli put together a guide on how to create a custom Automation from the Home app that adjusts the HomePods volume based on Time of Day. This guide came in very handy, and I have now spent some time familiarising myself even more with the Home app and setting up a few Automations and Scenes.

‘Do Not Disturb’ is a default setting on iOS which silences calls and notifications when a user triggers the option or activated based on a schedule. The HomePod needs a similar feature in the HomePods settings rather than buried behind the Automation options. In the meantime, the above Automation guide is an adequate solution.