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iPod Classic Kept Alive by Modders

Melanie Ehrenkranz, OneZero:

Apple may have discontinued the last of the click-wheel iPods years ago, but Pichi is part of a growing community of tinkerers giving the devices new life. It’s not just for nostalgia (though that’s part of it): iPod modders say they earnestly view the devices, with a few modern tweaks, as a superior way to listen to music. That this elite audio quality is packaged in a device that is also dear to their heart makes it even better.

It’s not just the sanctity of the sound or the lag-free listening experience that draws people to early iPods. It’s also that making modifications is, especially compared with working on modern Apple devices, fairly easy.

Fascinating to learn there’s a thriving community out there keeping the iPod Classic alive years after Apple discontinued them. Reading that piece evoked nostalgic feelings about my time with the iPod Classic and that click-wheel goodness. I truly loved that thing!

Source: 512Pixels via OneZero.